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    Last Spring a really unique, and truly awesome project went underway. Filmmaker Danièle Wilmouth and choreographer Peter Carpenter teamed up with my friends Mucca Pazza to create a 16-minute film that highlights not only their music, but also intentional, though somewhat chaotic movement.

    It’s Mucca Pazza doing what they do best: Mucca Pazza. I actually got to be a part of the film on two of the locations, and am very excited about the Chicago premiere at the 2012 CIMMfest on April 12th.

    From the CIMMfest site:
    Chicago icons Mucca Pazza, the thirty-piece circus-punk marching band, are back at CIMMfest this year, as raucous as ever, with a film and live performance that will trumpet us into the wee hours of our opening night.

    FANFARE FOR MARCHING BAND, a collaboration between the band, filmmaker Danièle Wilmouth, and choreographer Peter Carpenter, is a sixteen-minute film of the band doing their thing in inappropriate places. Following the film, they’ll do their thing in a completely appropriate place: a hundred-year-old church sanctuary.

    Also check out awesome behind-the-scenes stills and all the latest news on showings on the Fanfare for Marching Band facebook page.


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